In 2007, a Geoscientist and a Geological Engineer joined forces. Then we grew.

In 2007, Geoscientist David Kneale and Geological Engineer Matt Pye joined forces to create Active Earth, an Environmental Engineering firm named in recognition of the earth’s constantly changing state. With headquarters first based out of two family-home garages in Vancouver and Victoria, the company quickly grew to include three B.C. office locations and nearly 20 team members.

Our aim was to build a company that we can be proud of. We measure success by our ability to understand our clients’ goals and to complete our projects on schedule and on budget.


What Makes Active Earth Unique?

  • We are 100% employee owned. This ensures that all senior project staff have a stake in the success and reputation of our company and that we care about the outcome of each and every project.
  • All project management staff are knowledgeable, personable, and have significant technical experience. We don’t separate “project managers” from “technical staff”. Rather, we find and cultivate people who possess both skill sets.

  • We are strong communicators who listen and respond to our clients’ ideas and concerns. We closely track the costs and progress for each project to minimize risks to budget and schedule. We provide frequent, clear, and concise progress reports throughout the life of each project.
  • We are honest, open, and look out for the long-term interests of our clients. We recognize that clearly identifying risks as early as possible (i.e. potential environmental liabilities) is essential for protecting the long-term interests of our clients.
  • All field activities are completed by senior staff or fully-trained junior staff under the direct supervision of senior staff. Our field staff also fully understand the background and goals of each project. This helps to ensure top-notch in-field problem solving and decision making.
  • With nearly zero staff turnover since 2007, we provide a consistent, highly competent team.