Over 50 years of combined experience in Hydrogeological Engineering throughout Western Canada

Hydrogeological Investigations

Active Earth’s team includes four highly-qualified hydrogeologists with over 70 years of combined experience throughout Western Canada in a variety of geological environments.

We conduct Hydrogeological Investigations for the development of groundwater supplies, geothermal resources, exfiltration of stormwater, and as part of Environmental Impact Studies. Assessments of hydrogeological and geochemical conditions also include contaminated sites, construction dewatering, development of groundwater flow models, and groundwater wells potentially under the direct influence of surface water (GUDI) and groundwater at risk to contain pathogens (GARP).

Water Supply Services

The Active Earth team has extensive experience in assessing groundwater supply and water quality potential in a variety of depositional environments or bedrock. Our hydrogeologists’ comprehensive understanding of provincial and local government requirements, including the new Water Sustainability Act, enables us to make effective public presentations related to potential impacts to aquifers and surrounding wells.

Active Earth has strong geochemical analysis skills and commonly provides recommendations for water treatment for bacteriological, chemical, and physical contaminants to provide a safe water supply for the intended purpose.

Our groundwater supply services include groundwater well placement assessments, well design, drilling supervision, pumping test analysis, geochemical analysis, recommendations for water treatment, and completion of well reports. These reports determine the well suitability in accordance with the Drinking Water Protection Act and local government and project requirements. Well placement is evaluated using field mapping and background research including use of various provincial and federal databases.

Our projects include large industrial wells, community water supplies, domestic wells, municipal projects, open-loop geothermal, remote construction camp water supply, water bottling plants, and decommissioning of flowing artesian wells. Active Earth’s strong relationships with drilling contractors allows us to collaborate on many aspects of well drilling and completion.

Wastewater Disposal Services

Active Earth is a leading provider of wastewater disposal Environmental Impact Studies in B.C. Ground disposal of sewage or industrial wastewater in B.C. requires an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) to be completed in accordance with the Municipal Sewage Regulation (MSR). Assessments conducted by Active Earth include estimation of infiltration rates, groundwater mounding, groundwater travel times, dilution, and sorption capacity. These projects encompass potential impacts and development of mitigation measures and environmental management practices for the protection of groundwater and surface water resources.

First Nations Community Projects

Active Earth works with First Nations Communities throughout British Columbia and the Yukon in various capacities, from environmental investigations to water supply and wastewater disposal projects.

These may include Phase I and II ESAs, EISs, EMPs, Canadian Environmental Assessment Act reports, and contaminant remediation including fuel storage tank removals. Water supply and wastewater disposal projects may be completed as part of larger development projects and/or as separate infrastructure improvement projects. First Nations capacity building and community awareness forms a significant part of our projects.