Delivering reliable Hazardous Building Materials (HBM) assessments to contractors and property owners across BC.

The Active Earth team possesses the experience and expertise to complete Hazardous Building Material (HBM) assessments as efficiently as possible, for all types of buildings. We provide high-quality HBM assessment services for contractors and for owners of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

HBM assessments are required prior to any demolition activity. A properly-completed HBM assessment ensures that site workers are aware of potentially dangerous materials, and supports the appropriate handling of all HBM in compliance with WorkSafeBC.

In addition, limited HBM assessments are often warranted prior to purchasing a property, for due diligence and liability estimating purposes.

Our HBM assessments typically check for:

  • Asbestos in building materials
  • Lead in paint and other building material
  • Mercury in thermometers and other equipment
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in electrical transformers and fluorescent light fixture/ballasts
  • Ozone depleting substances (ODS) in various equipment
  • Mould in building materials
  • Silica in concrete, stone, and other materials

Before preparing a site-specific HBM testing plan, we visually inspect each building to determine the approximate dates of original construction and/or major renovation. To ensure that each HBM assessment is tailored to our client’s needs, we always ask the following key questions:

  1. Is a detailed assessment required for demolition planning purposes, or is a limited pre-purchase assessment more appropriate?
  2. Is the building currently in use, and should we ensure that the sample collection work causes no visible damage?
  3. Could this work be combined with other environmental or geotechnical site investigations, for potential cost and schedule savings?

Active Earth utilizes a CALA-Accredited laboratory for all analysis of all building materials samples, ensuring accurate and reliable results. Rushed laboratory turnaround is available if required.

We look forward to supporting your next property transaction, renovation, or demolition project.