Groundwater Management: Construction In Vancouver

Posted: May 5, 2020

The City of Vancouver’s has recently issued an amended Groundwater Management BulletinThe bulletin explains the City’s expectations for managing groundwater during and after construction of larger, multi-dwelling developments. 

Though some exceptions may apply, the key new requirements include:

  1. All construction dewatering/drainage must be supported by a short-term Use Approval under the Water Sustainability Act.  Such work must not cause negative impacts to human health, property, infrastructure, environment, or groundwater resources on or off-site.
  2. Preliminary / Final Hydrogeological Studies are now required for a wider range of projects, including:
  • Rezoning and development permit applications in ‘Areas of Concern’ for groundwater.  These include sites where soils are sensitive to water table fluctuations, within the Cambie Corridor sewershed, and within the Flowing Artesian Well advisory area. 
  • Development Permit applications within the Cambie Corridor sewershed, excluding SF homes, duplexes, and laneway homes.
  • Rezoning applications subject to the Rezoning Policy for Sustainable Large Developments, anywhere in the City.
  • Open-Loop Geoexchange systems, anywhere in the City.
  1. The requirements for the Preliminary/Final Hydrogeological Studies are now more detailed.  A Submission Checklist is included at the end of the bulletin.  All Studies must include a Groundwater Management Plan and Impact Assessment

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